Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Omega Podcast, New E-mail, New Years Marathon & 2012. Oh my!

Please check out the Omega Podcast this week. You can download it here. Apart from normally being fun and informative, I was lucky enough to be on it this week. I talk with Wes about the return of the two missing episodes of Doctor Who and I also talk about this blog! We even have a chance to talk a little bit about a convention I am working on called Brit Con in Minnesota where we are bringing over Frazer Hines and Sarah Douglas! Please download the podcast. It was a ton of fun to do and hopefully I will be allowed back on it sometime soon!

Some other year end business to attend to....

I have now become upscale! If you would like to send me a note but not leave a comment, may I introduce you to our new e-mail address:

Sometimes when it is cold and you don't want to go out on a January 1st, you may sit down and watch some TV, I know I do. When I look at the schedule, January 1st is nothing but marathons of TV shows. This is generally a good thing but the problem is that these are shows I am not really interested in. So back in 2008, I thought it would be fun to apply my weekly randomness of chossing programs to watch something on a much larger scale. Now, I randomly choose a program for January 1st and watch it as a marathon. Now, don't get me wrong. If some plans were to come up, I would abandon this marathon idea but generally nothing is going on January 1st apart from a hangover and I thought this would be a fun way to sitdown and watch a good chunck of one series. Plus it gives me a good time to recover. Sometimes you gotta be careful of what you ask for especially if you see what I watched my first year. Here is the list of my marathons for the past few years.

2008 - As Time Goes By Series 1-3
2009 - The Thin Blue Line Complete Series
2010 - Family Guy Seasons 1-3
2011 - Dad's Army Series 1-3

This year, through the art of randomness, the program chosen was the 1968 Supermarionation series Joe 90. There are 31 episodes and I plan on watching them all. I do not plan on writing an article on the series as I feel that it may be too many episodes to give a decent overview to and there is always the possibility I will get bored and go out leaving Joe 90 to save the world without me. Do you have a New Years tradition of watching shows in your collection? If so, what is it? Did I mention I have a new e-mail you can send me a note on?

Don't forget there are some great shows coming on TV worth checking out:

Also, brand new Absolutely Fabulous  Job at 9:40pm on January 1st. Also, BBC America will show the first of the specials, Identity on January 8th at 9pm CST.. It is simply a wonderful episode!

If that isn't enough, new Sherlock A Scandal in Belgravia on January 1st at 8:10pm on BBC One.

Finally, my article for On the Buses will go up either Sunday night or Monday morning!

Here's to a great 2012!

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