Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Others Missing Episode Minicast #6

The Others feels strongly about the spreading of information especially where missing episodes are concerned. There are people who take a lot of the information they are given at face value and they rely on these parties that give out this information to be as truthful as possible. In this episode, The Others give their opinion about how people on the Internet who have this influence on other people have a responsibility with what they are reporting.  One member of The Others cites an example of this from a recent Facebook exchange he was a part of a little while ago. Every attempt has been made to represent this viewpoint in this podcast as fair as possible. Also, there is a round-up of facts on missing episodes. What do we really know vs. the un-researched to-good-to-be-true rumour of the day. We are open for sensible debate on this issue.  For this episode, The Others wanted to have a readable transcript of this episode available at the time of posting by trying to hire someone to do it or find someplace online to create it. No luck in finding a suitable resource. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this cheaply, it would be appreciated.
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