Sunday, November 10, 2013

50WHO: Davison Story Winner

The Winner is:


As the Cybercontroller would say, “Excellent!” This is a different type of Cyberman story that brought them up to date but also had huge consequences. It’s one of the slickest productions and 4 episodes fly by. It’s the first time the Cybermen show up in the marathon. No Daleks yet!
Here is how voting broke down:

Earthshock: 5 Votes
Kinda: 3 votes

Resurrection of the Daleks: 2 votes
Frontios: 2 votes

The Caves of Androzani: 2 votes
Arc of Infinity: 1 vote

Snakedance: 1 vote
Enlightenment: 1 vote

The story I would have picked: I don’t know! I think I would have been looking at Frontios or Resurrection of the Daleks. Surprisingly, I do not have a strong story I am thinking about.
Voting for the Colin Baker story opens in about an hour. I am having a blast with this and I hope you continue to take part in choosing the stories for me to watch.

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