Tuesday, November 19, 2013

50WHO: Matt Smith Story Winner

The Winner is:

The Eleventh Hour
I feel like a lot of people feel the way I do about this story. It is one of the best Doctor first-story stories ever. It’s fun and Matt Smith defines his role right from the start.

Here is how voting broke down:
The Eleventh Hour: 13 votes (10 of these votes from the tie round)

Vincent and the Doctor: 7 votes (4 of these votes from the tie round)
The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang: 2 votes

The Snowmen: 2 votes
Cold War: 2 votes

The Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone: 1 vote
Amy’s Choice: 1 vote

Why I am happy The Eleventh Hour was chosen: The Eleventh Hour means a lot to me beyond the story. To my why, please check out this article I wrote here.
It’s done! I literally couldn’t do it with you! You picked all the stories I am watching. Thank you! I am commenting on what I am watching on twitter and Facebook. Please check it out!

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