Sunday, November 10, 2013

50WHO: Nominate a Colin Baker Story for 50th Anniversary Marathon

Round 6:

Voting open to nominate a Colin Baker story
Voting is open for you to pick the Colin Baker story I watch for my 50th Anniversary Marathon I am viewing on 11/21 and 11/22. The story with the most votes will be added to the marathon.

Parameters: Do not pick The Two Doctors as it will also be part of the marathon. All multi-Doctor stories are included in this marathon. Please vote for The Trial of a Timelord by segment. I am not watching all 14 parts to the story although I do consider it one story. The story doesn’t have to be an iconic story but one that you enjoy. Please feel free to share why you want to nominate the story.
Voting for the Colin Baker era closes on 11/11 at 8pm CST.

You may nominate a story in the comments section below, on my twitter feed @FromtheArchive or via e-mail


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