Friday, November 8, 2013

50WHO: Pertwee Story Winner

The Winner is:

It sounds like Doctor Who fans love the parallel universe aspect. Some loved idea of two Brigadiers and even more loved the idea of two Liz Shaws! I don’t think we could ever go wrong with any story from Season 7.

Here is how voting broke down:
Inferno: 8 votes

The Mind of Evil: 2 votes
The Claws of Axos: 2 votes

The Time Warrior: 2 votes
Doctor Who and the Silurians: 1 vote

The Ambassadors of Death: 1 vote
Terror of the Autons: 1 vote

The Dæmons: 1 vote
Day of the Daleks: 1 vote

The Curse of Peladon: 1 vote
The Sea Devils: 1 vote

The Mutants: 1 vote
The Time Monster: 1 vote

Frontier in Space: 1 vote
Planet of the Spiders: 1 vote

One thing that is interesting is that each story from Season 9 got a vote.
Why I am happy Inferno was chosen: Most of Season 7 is a vast departure from what came before in Doctor Who. It is among the cast’s favourite. I also love the new restoration of the story. Looking forward to this!

The story I would have picked: I would have picked Doctor Who and the Silurians. I love the story, the location, the music and well….The Silurians. Any Season 7 story is good.
I am also going to watch The Three Doctors as I plan to watch all stories with multiple Doctors in this marathon too!

Voting for the Tom Baker story opens later today. I am having a blast with this and I hope you continue to take part in choosing the stories for me to watch.

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