Monday, November 4, 2013

50WHO: Troughton Story Winner

The Winner Is:

The Enemy of the World
If this story was never recovered and has been re-evaluated, no one would have ever thought that this story would have been on anyone’s list. A couple of people have pointed out this is their new favourite story. 

Here is how voting broke down:
The Enemy of the World: 6 votes

The Tomb of the Cybermen: 5 votes
The Invasion: 5 votes

The Mind Robber: 4 votes
The War Games: 3 votes

The Web of Fear: 2 votes
The Krotons: 1 vote

Why I am happy The Enemy of the World was chosen: This story is nothing like I expected. It is a Bond film on a Doctor Who budget and it stacks up marvelously. It is so different than I expected it to be. Plus, I can watch The Enemy of the World in its entirety.
The story I would have picked: The Web of Fear. The reason I would have chosen it is very simple. Because I can choose it. Bar Episode 3, it exists and that is reason enough.

Voting for the Pertwee story opens later tonight. I am having a blast with this and I hope you continue to take part in choosing the stories for me to watch.

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